[4K] Park Seo-jun, Cha Eun-woo, Park Min-young’s House (feat. Hyunbin Building) in Seoul Korea

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Actor Park Seo-joon, who hit the jackpot with “Itaewon Class,” lives in Cheongdam-dong, Sangji Ritzville. His neighbors include Infinite Nam Woo-hyun, boy group ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo, and Park Min-young, who co-starred in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”

PH129, the most expensive apartment building in Korea, and the 925 building, which Hyun Bin owns, are right next door to his house.

Come with me to Cheongdam-dong, a representative wealthy village where celebrities live!

* There was an information error about Lee Hongki’s house. His home will be re-introduced in a few weeks!

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00:00 Intro
01:32 Dawn House Restaurant
02:09 Infinite Nam Woo-hyun’s house (Sangji Ritzville 5)
03:40 Hyun Bin Building (925 Building)
04:33 Sangji Ritzville Caelum 1st
06:41 Park Seo-joon’s house (Sangji Ritzville Caelum 2nd)
07:55 Jang Dong-gun, Ko So-young’s house (PH129)
08:33 Sangji Ritzville Caelum 2nd front where singer Rain lived
09:43 Cha Eun-woo’s house (Ville Polaris)
10:35 SM founder Lee Soo-man’s house (Sangji Ritzville 3rd)
12:35 Sangji Ritzville 3rd front, where JYJ Junsu Kim, Jiwoo Choi, and Chaeyoung Han lived
13:24 Park Min-young’s house Ville Polaris front
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